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    Eficode Day of Atlassian 2024

    • May 30
    • Copenhagen
    • 08:30-13:00 CET
    Eficode Accelerator Day May 22 illustration

    Thanks for a fantastic event! See you in 2025.



    May 2024

    8.30 AM



    Vesterbrogade 149
    1620 Copenhagen V

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    In-person event


    Pick up your name tag and network with industry colleagues and Eficodeans over breakfast.

    Speaker: Jess Fraser-Darling, Senior Agile Coach, Eficode & Conference moderator 

    Discover the future of service management through key takeaways from Atlassian’s Team ’24 event. This session will highlight how the best-performing organizations are revolutionizing customer service with AI and agile methodologies. Learn about practical applications, real-world success stories, and strategies to enhance efficiency and customer service in your organisation.

    Speaker: Paul Renshaw, VP Atlassian Business, Eficode

    Visit the Eficode booth and refresh with some coffee or tea.

    Join this session on integrating IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to break down departmental silos and enhance organizational efficiency. Learn how adopting ITSM principles across various business functions can improve inter-departmental communication and service delivery. The presentation will include case studies, strategies for implementation, and the cultural shifts necessary for adopting a unified service management system, highlighting the benefits of this approach for achieving greater organizational synergy and productivity.

    Speaker: Magnus Sundset, Business Consultant, Eficode

    Details to come .

    Speaker: Alexander Pellas, Systems Engineer, OSTTRA

    Speaker: Jess Fraser-Darling

    Grab a plate and strike up a conversation with your neighbour.

    Speakers & host


    Paul Renshaw

    VP, Atlassian Business, Eficode

    Paul is VP Atlassian business at Eficode. He loves solving problems, technology, financial history, music, and football.  He has been in the Atlassian space for 10+ years and knows a thing or two about the toolset.

    Alexander Pellas_Osttra

    Alexander Pellas

    Systems Engineer, Enterprise Platforms, Osttra

    Profile_Magnus Sundset_eficode

    Magnus Sundset

    Business Consultant at Eficode

    Magnus Sundset, an experienced instructor and Business Consultant with over 20 years of IT experience, is known for his dedication to improving customer delivery and introducing innovative work methods.

    He has skillfully coordinated agile methods with ITSM delivery and is highly certified in ITIL, including ITIL Expert v3 and ITIL4 Managing Professional. Magnus also has extensive knowledge in ITSM and has successfully introduced automated tools to optimise workflows.

    Over the last decade, he has successfully implemented and managed new processes and work methods.

    Jess Fraser-Darling

    Jess Fraser-Darling

    Senior Agile Coach & Conference Moderator