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    Eficode Responsibility Program

    Our corporate contribution to sustainable development

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    Our Responsibility Program in a nutshell

    Eficode continues to focus on promoting equal opportunities in the workplace, making our own digital impact, providing support for digital education, and making environmentally-friendly choices as a company. This year our new goal has been to map the company’s targets and identify areas of excellence from within on global and local levels. Focus areas are re-evaluated annually. However, we acknowledge that in order to make a long-term valuable impact, we need to spend enough time on selected focus areas before changing direction – this is why our focus areas have not changed this year.

    Our motivation

    Our motivation to establish the Eficode responsibility program is three-fold. First, we have a genuine desire to give back to the community in a systematic and strategic way. Secondly, we aim at building a structured overview of Eficode’s impact on a variety of sustainability issues. Last but not least, we want to keep our direct and indirect stakeholders informed about what we do at Eficode in support of sustainable development because we believe our community truly cares.

    Our focus areas

    Equal opportunities

    Responding to our global pulse survey, 90% of Eficodeans said that people from all backgrounds are treated fairly at Eficode. In the report, you can learn more about what we do as a company to support the equality, wellbeing, and growth of our employees.

    Support for digital education

    Providing inclusive opportunities for learning and growth also means taking care of those who are only just about to step into the software industry. Our report is telling the stories of Eficode employees who organized the courses, Academy trainings, and lectures and of students who participated in them.

    Digital impact

    We rely so strongly on digital services in our everyday lives that we only notice how vital they are when they're broken. The report gives you an overview of our digital impact across multiple critical industries where digital services, their reliability, security, and accessibility make a difference in how we educate the young generation to solve public safety and connectivity challenges and make healthcare systems more efficient.

    Environmentally-friendly choices

    In this report, we picked two everyday practices – recycling and environmentally-friendly commuting – and asked our employees to explain how integrating these practices can make a real change both to the world and their own personal wellbeing.


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    Get our sustainability report 2021-2022


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