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    Unlock the success and power of GitHub Enterprise

    GitHub Enterprise services

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    Get your whole DevOps pipeline within GitHub

    With the urge to stay competitive, fragmented toolchains in your organisation, multiple version control systems, and non-integrated security tooling are harming your efficiency. Thankfully, GitHub Enterprise doesn’t just simplify DevOps pipelines with GitHub actions, but it also keeps your developers happy by using a code repository they love. By adopting GitHub Copilot, you stay ahead of the curve and boost efficiency with AI-driven development. Migrating to GitHub or maximizing its use takes time and requires a specific skill set.

    Get GitHub and DevOps experts on your team

    It’s never just a tooling problem, is it? Our experts have been working with GitHub for years and know how to make the most of GitHub Enterprise. We’ll guide you with the tools of course, but also help you build the necessary safety nets and spread the best DevOps practices for your teams and organisation to thrive and succeed.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Get our GitHub experts by your side


    Trusted and certified by GitHub

    With the DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, we can provide you with the best DevOps practices and Azure/GitHub solutions.


    Leverage AI

    With GitHub Copilot and AI revolutionizing the industry, we’ll help you become more efficient with AI–without compromising on security and quality.


    Increase efficiency

    Make the most of GitHub Enterprise with our guidance on GitHub licence management and DevOps practices. We can even manage GitHub for you.


    DevOps advice beyond tooling

    With decades of experience in DevOps transformations across industries, we can advise you on the best practices relating to culture, processes, and Agile practices.

    From migration to consolidation, get the GitHub services you need

    Migrate to GitHub Enterprise and get the right licenses for your organisation

    Moving to GitHub Enterprise on your DevOps journey can be a daunting project. Start on the right foot with GitHub, and get guidance and support all the way. Our consultants will join your team to find the best setup possible for your organisation.

    Benefit from the skills and best practices of our GitHub consulting services, including:

    • Migration
    • Licence management
    • Data residency
    • CI/CD pipelines
    • and more.
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    Make the most of AI with GitHub Copilot

    AI is revolutionizing the way we develop software, but your teams first need to have the right practices and infrastructure to benefit from AI-driven software development.

    To leverage the power of GitHub Copilot, we can help you with:

    • A GitHub Copilot POC
    • Setup in development environment
    • Seamless adoption in your teams
    • Integration in software delivery lifecycle
    • And more.
    See GitHub Copilot services
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    Managed GitHub for your peace of mind

    From secure hosting and tool integration to maintenance and support, handle it all through our Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, a managed service where we ensure everything GitHub works seamlessly for you, enabling your developers to focus on what they do best–creating high-quality code.

    Discover Eficode ROOT
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    Ensure your code is secure

    With GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS), you get code scanning, secret scanning, and a dependency review. But when security is key to your organisation, we go above and beyond to assess your current capabilities and make the most of GHAS.

    Assessment deliverables:

    • Current state report
    • Key findings and recommendations
    • Next steps and roadmap
    See our DevSecOps Assessment
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    Learn the skills you need with our GitHub experts

    Upskill your teams with GitHub training programs delivered by our experts. We act as a delivery partner for GitHub and Microsoft professional services teams.

    Our certified and accredited GitHub experts can train your teams in the following areas:

    • GitHub Actions training
    • GitHub Admin training
    • GitHub Advanced Security
    • GitHub API training
    • and more.
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    “Using Copilot to develop Java-based code for our integration platform brought several benefits, especially when I was not concentrating on the technology too much, but just let it help me implement the solutions I had planned to do at a faster pace.”

    Read case study
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    Take your GitHub Enterprise journey to the next level

    Learn more about GitHub

    GitHub is a web-based platform for version control and collaboration in software development. It enables developers to store, manage, and track changes to their code, facilitating teamwork and project management. GitHub provides tools for code review, issue tracking, and seamless integration with various development workflows, making it a central hub for software development projects worldwide.

    GitHub Enterprise Cloud is an advanced version of for organizations, and it provides SAML authentication, extra GitHub Actions minutes, restricted email notifications, and private GitHub Pages sites. Tailored for business needs, it enhances security and collaboration in software development.

    GitHub Enterprise Server is a self-hosted GitHub version for businesses, enabling repository hosting on their infrastructure. It provides collaborative features with enhanced control over security and compliance, allowing organizations to provide a tailored and secure environment for software development.