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    GitHub Copilot services

    Increase developer productivity with GitHub Copilot

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    Boost efficiency and code quality with GitHub Copilot

    GitHub Copilot accelerates DevOps workflows by automating code writing, improving quality, aiding collaboration, and reducing errors, making software development and deployment more efficient and reliable. But how do you ensure a smooth adoption of GitHub Copilot in a large organisation? Code quality, data residency, and policy compliance are common concerns, and we’re here to guide you to adopt GitHub Copilot throughout your organisation. 

    Pioneering AI integration for seamless, guided development

    Get everyone onboard in the organisation and create the right culture for effective utilization of GitHub Copilot. As early adopters of Copilot, we’ve helped establish comprehensive frameworks and guidelines for the responsible adoption of AI-assisted tools, ensuring a smooth transition to this technology while minimizing potential challenges.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Unleash the power of GitHub Copilot with our help


    Guidance right from the start

    To get started with GitHub Copilot and AI-assisted tools in your organisation, we’ve developed best practices and workshops for your teams. Ask us for guidance about data residency and policy and how to adopt Copilot seamlessly.


    DevOps expertise as a safety net

    To safely empower your teams with AI-driven software development, you need the right practices, processes, and pipelines in place in order to take full advantage of Copilot. Our DevOps experts can guide you along the way.


    Modernizing legacy software for AI development

    Get the right tools and ways of working to unleash the power of AI. Benefit from our decades of experience in modernizing software development across industries.


    Trusted and specialized partner of Microsoft and GitHub

    With the DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, we can best guide you and bring you all the benefits that Microsoft and GitHub are providing.

    Expert guidance tailored for GitHub Copilot

    GitHub Copilot assessment 

    Designed to empower your organisation with the full potential of AI-supported programming (and with the aid of our consultants) our assessment enables you to harness the benefits of GitHub Copilot, enhance developer productivity, and drive innovation in your software development processes.

    • Define baseline metrics for performance, productivity, and quality.
    • Set up the development environment and install the GitHub Copilot extension.
      • Write code or tests, test results functionality, and evaluate results.
    • Demonstrate Copilot's ability to generate useful code and present learning opportunities.
    • Identify limitations or areas for improvement, determining where Copilot can measurably improve your development.
    • Iteration on the project based on data and feedback; continuously optimise software development processes and maximise value for each team.

    GitHub Copilot adoption

    We work closely with your teams to improve the benefits of Copilot usage across the software delivery lifecycle–utilizing optimal methodologies to achieve this.

    Included in the service:  

    • Work with your tailored roadmap and action plan, developed during the GitHub Copilot Assessment to rollout the GitHub Copilot throughout the organisation.
    • Copilot guidance: Instructions on using Copilot in their daily work for each team.
    • Lifecycle integration: Understanding how to use Copilot in each step of the development and software delivery lifecycle.
    • Multi-team support: Expansion GitHub Copilot support for multiple teams in the most cost-effective way together with Eficode.
    • Help increase the use of GitHub Copilot in a controlled way throughout the software development lifecycle and across different areas in your business 

    “Using Copilot to develop Java-based code for our integration platform brought several benefits, especially when I was not concentrating on the technology too much, but just let it help me implement the solutions I had planned to do at a faster pace.”

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    Experience the future of DevOps with GitHub Copilot

    Learn more about GitHub Copilot

    GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding companion that assists developers by suggesting code as they write, automating repetitive tasks, providing context-aware documentation, and connecting seamlessly to the rest of the GitHub Enterprise platform . Copilot accelerates coding, maintains quality, and supports multiple languages, making it a powerful tool for developers to boost productivity and streamline their workflow. With Copilot Enterprise, organizations can even augment the LLMs with the company's internal data sources. 

    GitHub Copilot in DevOps accelerates coding by generating suggestions as you type. Integrate it into your workflow by installing the VS Code extension, enabling suggestions, and collaborating with Copilot to write, review, and commit code efficiently. Enhance team productivity and streamline development with this AI-powered coding assistant. Make sure the workflows and processes support the time being saved and help developers be more productive. 

    At Eficode, we have experience proving the concept and benefits of GitHub Copilot from end-to-end. We support our customers in taking AI-assisted tools into use and helping the culture of their usage start in the right direction. This is done by side-by-side workshops and collaborative development activities with our expert consultants.

    Additionally, we help create the framework and guidelines for AI-assisted tool usage, which are crucial for avoiding any possible troubles with this new technology.

    Eficode is one of the very few Microsoft partners that has achieved DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, which provides customers with 3rd party audited processes of world-class service delivery of GitHub Enterprise and also ensures that our customers can use all the available investments and benefits from Microsoft and GitHub. Reach out to us to learn more about Eficode´s GitHub services offerings.