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    Test Automation as a Service

    Predictable and well-oiled test automation made for you

    continuous quality assurance

    Getting test automation right is not a side gig

    To stay competitive, you need to deliver innovations to your customers faster, without sacrificing quality. Today, you simply cannot do this without automating testing. But to fully benefit from it, making and keeping it a competitive advantage, is a science in itself. Our specialists live and breathe test automation. They have done so for years, across industries, and are ready to build best-practice test automation into your business.

    A relationship based on honesty and predictability

    We are not your usual consultancy. We build a relationship with you and earn your trust through honesty and transparency. No more switching consultants and retelling the same stories. You onboard us once, we make sure we understand your whole situation and solve your unique problems by allocating the right experts. And - this is important - you always know how much you are and will be paying, so we can build a long-term, predictable strategy for you.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Internationally recognized expertise in culture and tools

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    Only one onboarding

    We will assess and discuss where you are today and look at your infrastructure. Once you are up to speed, we will go to work. For a monthly price based on what we agree needs to be done, our experts will handle the tedious, non-core tasks so you can focus on what you do best.

    Continuous improvement

    Continuous improvement

    Regardless of your starting point, or whether you want to start with one team or one practice for all teams, we will improve both tools and practices. And improvements will be continuous in everything from documentation to delivery.

    Cloud strategy

    Develop a long-term strategy

    Moving from “doing things right” to “doing the right thing”, together we will build a comprehensive test automation strategy that has you covered for years, which includes everything from scope, to resources and stakeholders.

    The broadest cloud offering - from assessment to training

    Draw from unique expertise and experience

    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with Europe’s leading test automation consultancy. We know your specific challenges, be they about culture, practices or tooling, and have the right experts to solve them.

    But your expertise doesn’t stop there. Within our 450 person strong workforce, we also have a wide range of experts in areas such product management, Agile, DevOps, Cloud, and IT service management.

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    Manage cloud services

    Focus on the big picture while we take care of your day-to-day

    Your biggest evil is the daily grind. We help you get your hands off it, and then help you develop a long-term test automation strategy. We develop Agile, DevOps and cloud strategies with you, and then help adopt the right culture and tools to deliver them.

    What’s more, you have a predictable pricing to all of this, without yet another surprise purchase order haunting your management.

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    Start with cloud spot

    All your software development tools as a service

    It’s easier to be great at your business when your software development tools and environments are always up to date. We can take care of them for you, and that includes any testing tools you may have already.

    We know all these , and we can maintain them for you. We do it as a single managed service, like we do for tens of thousands of users every day. We can manage all tools from up to 40 of the leading technology providers.

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    Focus more on innovation, less on your apps

    Once your applications are alive and kicking, we can manage them for you while you focus on new features.

    Our team works with countless technologies. They develop a roadmap for you, and proactively find problems that could result in service failures. Any issue we find is solved with a tried-and-tested process.

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    How can we help you with test automation?

    Learn more about test automation:

    Test automation is an inseparable part of modern software engineering. It brings quality assurance to configuration and implementation. When the requirements set for a product are linked to automatically executed test cases, software implementation and the fulfilling of requirements can be monitored in real-time.

    Test automation helps drive development more effectively, react to customer requirements better, and release changes for customers much faster.

    If automatic tests are also written in natural language, the entire development organisation may engage in an open discussion with the help of the requirements and the related automatic tests. This reduces misunderstandings and helps to react to changes much faster.

    Test automation reduces the cost of quality control by more than 25 % during the project and 75 % in the long run. Usually, test automation pays for itself back on average in six months.

    Eficode's Test Automation as a Service is best for organizations that are looking into getting their test automation program started. If you struggle with the stability of automated test suites or scaling, we can definitely help you with that.