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    Atlassian Access services

    Do your Atlassian cloud security right

    Atlassian Access Hero

    It has to be done

    Security in cloud tooling is a fundamental need. So your access management needs to be easy to use and maintain, and come at a reasonable cost. Atlassian Access is a great option, but getting full value and security out of it, takes expertise.

    Managing your cloud users is easy with the right partner

    We help you set up well-working, secure access control that is 100% compliant with your company policy - both today and tomorrow. And as a seven-times winner of Atlassian Partner of the Year, you can safely say that we have the recipe.


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    Secure, compliant Atlassian Access management

    Get secure user identification in cloud

    Maybe you have already implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) using Azure AD or Google Accounts. We will integrate your existing MFA solution for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. Or we can help you use the Atlassian Access built-in MFA solution, all depending on your needs.

    Align your access management with your company policy

    Rolling out company cloud security policies and guidelines is a lot of work. You have features like Jira Permission Schemes, Confluence Space Permissions or Bitbucket user and group access.

    They are all different and need different models, to build compliant access management. Our experts will find the optimal models for your needs within each Atlassian cloud tool.

    Securely control external users

    You often need to provide access to sub-contractors, visitors and other non-standard user groups. And sometimes you need to revoke access, such as when a project ends. We will find the best solutions to this, either in your existing solutions’ user directories, or directly in Atlassian Access.

    Manage all DevOps tool users in a central location

    Atlassian Access only handles Atlassian cloud tools. For the rest of your DevOps toolchain there is Eficode ROOT Team Management (RTM). Manage all tools in a centralized self-service access management system. You no longer have to manage access rights inside every tool, or request permissions from your IT administrators.

    A complete range of services

    The easiest possible set-up 

    Our experienced consultants take care of the details of the setup and configuration. We know the best practices and bring predefined configurations to give you maximum value from Atlassian Access. And we can integrate it with other systems too. 


    Deep knowledge and ready-made templates 

    We find the best ways to align and implement your company policies with Atlassian Access best practices. Based on your organisation’s security requirements, using our years of experience, we will make sure your Atlassian Access works for you the way it is intended to, today and in the future. 

    We have the deepest knowledge of Atlassian tools, and have the right ready-made templates for efficient access management. 


    The smoothest integration imaginable

    Atlassian Access supports a number of Identity Management services, such as Azure AD, Google, Okta and AD FS.

    Our experts know all these technologies intimately. They will help you adapt Atlassian Access to the backend system so that security is not compromised and so that administration work is planned for the setup phase and future operation.


    How can we help you with Atlassian Access? Let's find out.

    Learn more about Atlassian Access

    It is an add-on product to the Atlassian cloud toolset. A centralized solution, it helps resolve common challenges in the Atlassian cloud environment:

    • Multi-factor authentication
    • User lifecycle management
    • Single sign-on
    • Information access control
    • External user access
    • Active directory integration

    Yes it has. Read about it here

    Atlassian Access is simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to resolve Atlassian cloud security and access management challenges.