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    Maintainability assessment

    A roadmap to enhance software maintenance and development

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    Gain valuable insights and build a roadmap

    We provide support, maintenance and further development for dozens of applications. A maintainability assessment is a cost-efficient way to identify key areas of improvement and develop an action plan. You gain insight into the options open to you without vendor lock-in. In addition, it sheds light on how DevOps and automation can boost your business specifically. 

    Get a comprehensive picture of your software

    In the maintainability assessment, we assess the technical state of your software. Our comprehensive assessment typically includes:

    • Software development related technologies and processes
    • Version management and documentation
    • Automation and integrations
    • Usage of DevOps tools
    • Technical risks
    • Recommended support model

    The scope can be adjusted to your specific points of interest.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Our most important asset is our business platform where we sell all our offerings. With Eficode, the whole environment is now managed so that we can concentrate on serving our customers even better and growing our core business

    Kalle Vuoristo
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    What does a maintainability assessment include?

    Grey Hexagons-32

    Degree of software sustainability

    Operating Systems
    Programming languages

    Design & Build Digital Services Hexagon Quality SK 08072020

    Degree of repeatable quality

    Code quality


    Analysis of your DevOps practices

    Repeatable quality:
    Degree of automation
    Development processes
    Deployment pipeline
    Visibility of your progress

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    Analysis of your practicalities

    Operation criteria
    Maintenance model
    Key people

    The Eficode method

    We help you through the whole application management process so that you can free precious resources and focus on delivering value to your customers. 


    Let’s create a roadmap to enhance your software maintenance and development.