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    Tailored Git training

    Make your whole development team confident users of Git

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    With a strong common policy and understanding of Git, your cohesion and productivity will drastically improve. Enjoy a course uniquely designed for your team, where you use your existing Git solution: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps.

    Efficient version control throughout your development organisation

    From the basics, and all the way up to the most demanding scenarios. We tailor the course to your team’s needs, keeping things interesting and at the right difficulty level. And since Git doesn’t live in a vacuum, you will also learn how to improve your software development process by using distributed version control systems in general, not only Git.

    We start with the basics of Git and how to use it well. Along the way, we show the most common branching practices and how they are applied, using example stories and best practices. If your team wants us to, we can go more in-depth into pull requests and applying code reviews in your work environment, or CI build and DevOps practices. 

    We go through the command line and requested graphic UI, such as SourceTree or Tortoise Git, and we will use the Git solution of your choice, be that GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps. 

    Key reasons to give your team a tailored Git training

    • Improve both software development and version control policies
    • Learn from concrete real-world product development scenarios
    • Boost the cohesion and productivity among your developers
    • Learn all the essentials, such as integrating work, troubleshooting problems, and branching

    After completing this course, your team will be able to:

    • Use the basic functions of Git
    • Master parallel development and apply it to Git
    • Develop good version control within team
    • Select the best workflow for their project
    • Isolate their work using branching
    • Integrate their work using several merge techniques
    • Fully understand the Git terminology and its underlying architecture


    Half-a-day to two days


    Hands-on courses with a lot of exercises and learning material


    Software developers or teams that develop or modify some form of version control practices. DevOps people and architects, new Git users.

    Tools used:

    Azure DevOps


    English — with the possibility to keep the spoken part of the training in your language.

    Give your team the gift of Git

    We can make the perfect training plan for your team or organisation.

    The course was a great introduction to Git and was well-rounded in the topics chosen. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Git.

    Kalle Kromann


    Insufficient Git skills could be holding your team back

    A must for efficiency

    You cannot develop software efficiently without solid configuration management and version control. You need well-thought-out branching strategies and best practices in version control to beat your competition on value creation.


    A key ingredient in Agile 

    For true agility at team level and across the organisation, you need to use efficient version control and branching. Our training helps your team build a system that encourages Agile practices.

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    Quality built-in

    Branching strategies and configuration management are essential in building quality into development. With our training, your team has the tools to improve the quality of development at different levels.


    Modules your unique training course will be built on top of

    We build your team's learning path to match your organisation's specific needs. At the very foundation, we use the below training modules. On top of that, we build the best possible learning experience. 


    Is your team new to Git and needs the basics to do it right? This module will guide you through creating a new Git repository, committing changes, and reviewing the commit history of an existing repo.

    Read more


    This module will give your team a solid foundation to understand the tools better and take full advantage of Git. You will also learn how to improve your software development process by exploiting features unique to distributed version control systems in general, and Git in particular

    Read more

    This module teaches your entire development team how to develop and improve your version control practices. The team can improve their software development and version control policies in a single day. We keep it concrete and use plenty of examples from real-world product development. 


    This module introduces users to GitLab*. We start with an overview of GitLab and why DevOps teams use it. Then we dive into Git, the version control system used by GitLab for source code management (SCM).

    *Held in partnership with GitLab. Read more 

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organisation