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    DevOps training

    Improve your team’s daily work with DevOps tools and practices

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    Adopt the right practices with the right culture

    Including a new tool in your stack is a large undertaking. It involves both the upskilling of people, changing of processes and experience from trials to be ready for production. Our DevOps training services can help you in all these aspects, starting with setting your teams up for success by leveraging the powers of the new tools.

    DevOps training based on the real world of DevOps

    Our training material is designed by seasoned experts in the field with production experience. We have cut straight to the core of what you need to know to use the tools, and we are not afraid to call out the real-life pitfalls and proven best practices.


    Timo Bruns

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    Skilled and laid-back teachers who really know Docker and Kubernetes. I feel that this course is really needed for all devs.

    Marko Melko


    Why training with Eficode?

    Modularized learning based on your stack

    Before every training, we will have pre-training meetings, making sure that we focus on your problems and goals for the training. All our training offerings are modules of half or full days, and can be combined to serve your team’s needs.

    Focus on hands-on training

    Getting hands-on in a learning environment is the best way to learn new tools. Our courses focus on hands-on exercises from the start, and we have created a learning environment where all tools are set up, so the learning experience is as focused as possible.

    Holistic learning approach

    With our team-based training, the result is a great foundation to implement new tools and practices in your team. For accelerated adoption of new tools, we offer coaching to bridge the gap between classroom learning, and real-world complexities.

    Training programs

    In training, one size definitely does not fit all. We offer dozens of different training modules and exercises, and we can tailor the training based on your unique needs for fast and measurable results.

    Here are some of our most popular training programs:

    Cloud native development training

    Make your development truly DevOps-driven. Cloud native fosters intense collaboration between development and operations and facilitates continuous experimentation. But for it to work, your teams needs to learn a wide range of subjects.

    Give your teams the cloud native skills
    Training themed illustration - Cloud

    Tailored Git training

    With a firm common policy and understanding of Git, your cohesion and productivity will drastically improve. This training can be uniquely designed for your team, where you use your existing Git solution: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps.

    Make your team confident users of Git
    Training themed illustration - Git

    Robot Framework training

    Robot Framework is the preferred automated testing tool for companies. Once learned, it is easy to use, and by using test libraries, tests can be reused and written in the same way regardless of environment. So if you train your developers on Robot Framework, the entire development organisation can use the same tool for test automation. 

    Learn the world’s favourite automated testing tool
    Training themed illustration - Test automation (robot framework)

    CI/CD training

    Give your team the deep understanding it needs of DevOps: the processes, best practices, and the technological adaptation of it. We tailor the programs to contain the necessary parts depending on the state of DevOps you are currently in. 

    Master your CI/CD pipelines
    Training themed illustration - CICD

    DevOps training for executives

    Invest in your executive team’s development to set the scene for a modern, Agile, and efficient software development organisation. 

    Our comprehensive DevOps training program—specifically designed for executives—gives you the knowledge, insights, and strategies necessary to spearhead successful DevOps transformations. 

    Inspire and lead the change toward DevOps
    Training themed illustration - DevOps for Executives

    We're always open to talking about training services