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    Continuous Delivery

    Create value in every commit with Continuous Delivery

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    Minimise the time from idea to software delivery

    Continuous Delivery is an approach to software engineering that advocates short development cycles and frequent software releases that are uneventful, safe, and sustainable. It is about maximizing the time spent adding value to your product.

    Remove the pain and uncertainty of developing software

    Releasing a piece of software is usually a very stressful event for the entire team, but that should not be the case. Continuous Delivery practices enable you to deploy at any time and know exactly what you are releasing to production, or delivering to the next in line. Continuous Delivery mitigates risk through transparency, automation, and reproducibility. 

    Go beyond automation

    We achieve Continuous Delivery by creating automated pipelines where code is always in a deployable state, but there's more to it than automation. Making software involves developers, testers, operations, security, and so on. Having a strong culture of collaboration, in combination with the right tools, is what really enables Continuous Delivery.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Where it previously took three or four months to conduct a manual test, it now only takes one week. We have optimized our resources by 300 percent and increased our productivity two to three times. These are measurable results that we are very proud of.

    Flemming Ask Sørensen
    Project Manager at Grundfos

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    Continuous Delivery services

    Get started with CI/CD

    We’ll show you how to build on Agile principles to create Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines that remove the pain and uncertainty of software development.

    Our experts will help you to:

    • Plan your journey to Continuous Delivery
    • Implement best practices for collaboration, agility, and automation
    • Pick the right tools for your team
    • Implement automated pipelines, quality gates, and technical excellence

    Improve your Continuous Delivery capabilities

    Continuous Delivery is about more than deployment frequency. Organizations face big challenges when it comes to the widespread adoption and scaling of best practices while they adapt their environment to industry-specific restrictions.

    Our Continuous Delivery experts can help you to:

    • Assess your current Continuous Delivery capabilities and make a roadmap (link to assessment page)
    • Tackle technology and culture challenges
    • Implement test automation (link to test page)
    • Establish key metrics to ensure value creation in every commit

    Technical agile coaching

    Ensuring technical excellence and business agility is demanding.  Our coaches help teams overcome technical challenges in their daily work, as well as equipping them with new skills and theoretical understanding. We work together to solve them in a structured and safe manner.

    This unique approach is a great way to adopt test-driven development and test automation, improve legacy software architectures, and implement CI/CD pipelines.


    Grow your Continuous Delivery expertise

    Empower your team with Jira, Kubernetes, Git, Robot Framework and CI server skills to reach your goals. We offer hands-on training courses for beginners and users who want to master CI/CD tools and DevOps practices. You can book on-site training for your team, or join our public courses.

    MASTER YOUR CI/CD PIPELINES with the right training
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    Choose Eficode as your Continuous Delivery partner

    Do DevOps right

    Eficode specializes in guiding its clients on the journey to Continuous Delivery and DevOps. We were doing DevOps before it was a word. We’ve seen DevOps transformations across industries and can advise on best practices related to culture and deployment pipelines beyond automation.

    Learning and improving as a primary goal

    There is no ‘one true way of working’. We believe Continuous Delivery is about continuous improvement. By reflecting on your processes and tools, and providing transparency and data, we can help you reach your ever-changing goals. Continuous improvement allows you to maintain a competitive advantage while retaining and developing your skilled staff.

    Empower your team

    Our consultants become part of your teams. We don’t just deliver a solution, we work alongside your employees as coaches and mentors to pass on Agile practices and technical skills.

    Our Continuous Delivery storyline

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    We're always open to talking about Continous Delivery