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    Agile training

    Train your team in the areas where you are the least Agile

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    Agile training is not a one-size-fits-all

    Since your Agile transformation involves both your environment, people, products, and processes, the training your teams require, needs to be highly customized. Standardized, fixed agenda training will be too unfocused, and will not give you the results you hope for. 

    Kick-start your continuous improvement

    Our training modules use familiar roles, terminology, examples, and exercises to help your team instantly understand new concepts and what needs to be improved.  And our ways of working, blueprints, and practices are the result of years of practical Agile experience.


    Henri Hämäläinen

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    During the training, we all got along so well that we knew right away that our collaboration could only be successful. After we were given permission to start scaling this upwards, we immediately knew whom to contact.

    Juha Ekholm

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    Why training with Eficode?

    Your individual needs are the priority

    We design a unique program for your organisation, selecting from a broad range of modules. And along the way, each participant gets concrete help reaching their daily goals.

    Modular training programs

    During training, your teams will have time to apply the learnings in practice. They will collaborate, share their findings, and together with the trainer answer the question: What can be improved immediately?

    Training based on your real world

    Using terminology, examples, and exercises from their own environment and day-to-day work, your team can instantly apply their learnings and discuss challenges while it is still top-of-mind.

    Give the right people the right skills

    The aim of all the customized training programs is to offer immediate help. This requires wide participation from the organisation. You decide which participants from which department or roles can benefit from each training module.

    Training programs

    Our training goal is to find the best solution for your organisation’s unique needs. With an extensive range of training modules and exercises, we are ready to tailor a training program specifically for you.

    Here are some of our most popular training programs:

    Tailored Agile training

    Learn to build the right thing and make every working minute count. We mix Scrum, Kanban, and even Scaled Agile practices in the training, to help you with backlog refinement and with adopting Agile. Perfect if you are at the beginning of your Agile journey, or need to harden your Agile practices in your team.

    Read more about our tailored Agile training
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    Scaled Agile Framework training

    As development requires more and more cross-team collaboration, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) becomes the go-to framework for many. SAFe provides a structured approach for scaling Agile for different levels or organizations.

    The framework gives your teams a knowledge base that clarifies roles and responsibilities and how to plan and manage work.

    Become Agile everywhere
    Training themed illustration - SAFe

    World Class Product Owner training

    Make your Product Owners masters of prioritization. They will learn how to manage and communicate their backlog, decisions, risks, and plans.

    Agile teams work much better when they can refine work before it is implemented. Your Product Owners will learn valuable tips and tricks to instantly improve their refinement practices.

    Steer your products toward success
    Training themed illustration - Product owner

    World Class Scrum Master training

    The Scrum Master program suits all Scrum Masters working with Scrum or Kanban teams. After completing the program, your Scrum Masters will be able to improve your Agile ceremonies, their own coaching skills, and tools and nurture the team spirit for better communication and creativity.

    Training themed illustrations - Agile 2

    Agile training for leaders

    As a leader, there are essential skills and knowledge you must possess to thrive in your Agile organisation fully.

    Invest in the growth of your leaders and give them a learning journey that will empower them to navigate the complexities of Agile leadership, driving innovation and achieving sustainable success in the digital era.


    Learn how to lead an Agile organisation
    Training themed illustration - Agile for Leaders

    We're always open to talking about training services