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    Accessibility of digital services

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    Learn how to make your digital service accessible

    Accessibility ensures that digital services are available to everyone, irrespective of their characteristics or limitations (like age or disability). Creating good accessibility demands recognizing and accommodating diverse and varying user needs at every stage of design, from procurement to implementation. Implementing accessibility requirements in a timely manner is not expensive, and the solutions required for an accessible web service are readily available.

    In recent years, accessibility has become a crucial quality requirement for digital services, primarily due to the new Law on the Provision of Digital Services. The law mandates that a considerable proportion of digital services must have accessibility features, making them more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

    By reading this guide, you will learn:

    • What accessibility means.
    • Who the accessibility legislation applies to.
    • Why it is important to consider accessibility.
    • How to make your digital services accessible.

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