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    On-demand webinar

    Unleashing ITSM Excellence: A deep dive into ITIL4, Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Cloud

    ESM WEBINAR-02-2

    Are you stuck in old ways of thinking? Combine frameworks and break free from the status quo

    In today's rapidly evolving IT landscape, organizations need to be agile, efficient, and customer-centric. Discover how to leverage the powerful frameworks and methodologies of ITIL4, Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Cloud can be combined to deliver unparalleled customer value and drive IT Service Management excellence.

    In this immersive webinar, our expert speakers will delve into the core principles and best practices of each approach, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the unique strengths and potential synergies among them. We'll explore how to choose the right mix of methodologies based on your organisation's objectives and specific customer needs.

    Key topics covered in the webinar include:

    • ITIL4: Understand the key changes and benefits introduced in ITIL4 and how it supports a customer-centric approach to IT Service Management.
    • Lean: Learn how Lean principles can be applied to eliminate waste, optimise processes, and enhance the efficiency of IT Service Management.
    • Agile: Discover how Agile methodologies promote collaboration, adaptability, and faster delivery of IT services.
    • DevOps: Find out how DevOps can bridge the gap between IT operations and development teams, enabling more efficient and effective service delivery.
    • Cloud: Uncover the potential of cloud computing in IT Service Management and its impact on scalability, flexibility, and security.
    Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your IT Service Management capabilities and transform your organisation's approach to customer satisfaction.

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    Jun 2023

    2.00 PM CET




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    Magnus S

    Magnus Sundset

    Business Consultant, Eficode

    With 20+ years within the IT industry, Magnus has worked in various roles where customer delivery has been the main focus. With his deep knowledge within ITSM, ESM, ITIL and Agile methods, he brings business and IT together in a unique way.

    Marcel Foederer

    Marcel Foederer

    Service Management trainer and co-author for the ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve publication

    As a Service Management trainer, consultant and line manager with over 25 years of
    experience in IT, Marcel has performed strategic and tactical assignments in a wide variety of
    His experience includes project and program management, product management,
    requirements analysis and training delivery related to the Service Management, Project
    Management, DevOps, Advanced trouble shooting methodologies and CCC Cloud
    international best practice, in both the private and public sectors on a global scale.

    His area of expertise is in advising organizations on Service Management, based on ITIL®,
    Kepner Fourie advanced troubleshooting methodologies, Governance - COBIT, Project
    management - PRINCE2 and DevOps best practices, and in the management of these
    initiatives to improve organizational and operational efficiencies and service delivery quality.

    He also excel as an experienced facilitator, trainer and lecturer and is committed to the
    successful delivery of total solutions to my client base, achieved through respect for the
    management of change issues involved in the resulting integration of people, process and

    In his past roles he applied many of the DASA DevOps concepts in practice, especially focused on the organizational aspects, like breaking down walls between departments, increased levels of collaboration and co-operation and optimized flows
    of working processes and value streams.

    As an architect he is a member of the Axelos’ Lead Architect Team and author and is involved
    in the design and development of ITIL 4 foundation and a co-author for the ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve publication.