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    On-demand webinar

    Transform DORA regulations into an advantage with Atlassian

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    Is your organisation ready for DORA compliance?

    Whether you're in the financial sector or a provider to it, join our webinar to explore how the EU’s new Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) can be transformed into an advantage for your organisation. Discover how integrating Atlassian tools can expedite your compliance journey, enhance operational resilience, and improve team collaboration.

    Our experts will guide you through:

    • The essentials of DORA compliance, from risk management to incident reporting
    • How to optimise processes, ensure secure codebases, and implement effective change management strategies. 
    • How Jira and Confluence can be used to facilitate compliance.

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    Profile_Magnus Sundset_eficode

    Magnus Sundset

    Instructor & Business Consultant, Eficode



    Leif Ericson

    Atlassian Consultant, Eficode

    Demo presenter