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    Portfolio management services

    Portfolio management is the heart of organizations - keep it healthy

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    Effective portfolio management ensures your success

    Sooner or later, each product or service organisation outgrows its resource management. The amount of products and services, development projects and new business opportunities becomes uncontrollable. This leads to outdated or unprofitable products, delayed development projects, and the stalling of new innovations.

    This is where effective portfolio management comes into play.

    Different portfolios need different solutions

    Deciding on new investment opportunities, speeding up development initiatives and managing existing products and services, all need different methods and tools. Our unique approach comes with solutions for all different portfolios.


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    Focus on what matters

    Get better visibility

    Always know what’s in the pipeline and how your existing products and services are performing. Break the silos between business and development, and get an up-to-date big picture of your business.

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    Make more informed, data-driven portfolio decisions

    You get a portfolio management model and a data-driven decision-making framework that helps you make better “more”, “less”, “new”, and “stop” decisions.


    Concrete business benefits

    Opportunity, development, and offering portfolio management decisions have a significant impact on your business. You get more from your R&D budgets when making more informed decisions on new opportunities and development projects.


    All remedies to your portfolio health

    Portfolio management assessment

    Get a 360-view on the current state of your portfolio management, each of your different portfolios, your strategy, process, practices, and tools.

    We will give you detailed recommendations on what to improve, and how to prioritise the actions.


    Portfolio management consulting and coaching

    Every organisation has its unique characteristics. Well-working portfolio management needs to be adjusted to your business environment, so you make the right decisions.

    Our portfolio management coaching focuses on tailoring existing best practices and models to your organisation. We start with the big picture, and help you all the way to very concrete daily practices.


    Lean portfolio management

    For efficient development, Agile organizations can use Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). Senior leadership uses lean principles to connect strategy to execution, and portfolio management teams allocate budgets to execute the strategy.

    Whether you use SAFe or any other model to manage portfolios across multiple teams , we master them all and can help you create the right way of working, and educating your people.


    Opportunity management (using Confluence)

    We will deploy the opportunity management process to your environment, using Atlassian Confluence. In an easy-to-use process, you will be in control and have full visibility of your opportunity and idea pipeline. With this visibility of future opportunities, you will make better, unbiased decisions.

    Using our templates you focus on the right things when recording the idea, continuing with exploration and ending up with a business case.


    Project portfolio management

    If you are a senior leader, you manage strategic implementation and monitoring project investments by aligning corporate goals and strategies.

    With project portfolio management (PPM), you can centrally manage the processes and methods of project managers and project management offices. We help you use PPM effectively, to plan project scope, resources, and milestones, to meet your business goals.


    Selecting portfolio management tools 

    To effectively manage multiple lean projects and teams, you need  full visibility of the work in progress. The bigger the organisation, the more complicated it gets. 

    We help you find the best portfolio management tools, based on your unique business needs, and on your number of development teams.  

    The parts of DevOps

    Lean business case workshops

    Lean Business case trains how usually Excel-heavy calculation exercises transfer into iterative and agile 360° assessment and planning tools for new business opportunities.

    Training is for portfolio and business development managers, product and product line managers, and anyone who needs to evaluate new business opportunities and secure funding for development more efficiently.


    How can we help you with portfolio management? Let's find out.