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May 22 | Stockholm | Free

The DevOps Conference Global London 2024 TDOC-335

Paul Renshaw

VP Atlassian Business, Eficode

The future of service management is here

Discover the future of service management through key takeaways from Atlassian’s Team ’24 event. This session will highlight how the best-performing organizations are revolutionizing customer service with AI and agile methodologies. Learn about practical applications, real-world success stories, and strategies to enhance efficiency and customer service in your organisation.

Paul is VP Atlassian business at Eficode. He loves solving problems, technology, financial history, music, and football.  He has been in the Atlassian space for 10+ years and knows a thing or two about the toolset.

Sierra Dasso

Head of Work Management Sales, EMEA & APAC, Atlassian

A unified System of Work: Empowering cross-functional collaboration

The key to achieving our objectives often lies in our interdependencies. Whether it's a colleague, a different department, a vendor, or any other entity, our success is intertwined with others. Recognizing this, Atlassian has developed a comprehensive System of Work, designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and drive exceptional results.

Our System of Work is more than just a platform; it's a transformative approach that addresses the fundamental needs of all employees. It provides clear goal-setting, a centralized location for planning and tracking work, and a reliable source of knowledge. When these elements are in place, we've seen remarkable improvements in efficiency, speed of delivery, and decision-making.

Atlassian's System of Work is built on the principles of openness by default, real-time multiplayer collaboration, extensibility with third parties, and support for asynchronous work with distributed teams. It's a unified platform that enhances global team collaboration and reduces administrative tasks, streamlining campaign management and providing prioritized tracking with visibility.

Moreover, our System of Work is not just about tools; it's about practices and approaches that transform how teamwork gets done. It's about breaking down information siloes, unifying project work and knowledge work in one platform, and fostering effective cross-functional collaboration.

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Magnus Sundset

Business Consultant and ITIL4 professional, Eficode

Efficient Service Management - Integrating ITIL 4 practices

Join this session on integrating IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to break down departmental silos and enhance organizational efficiency. Learn how adopting ITSM principles across various business functions can improve inter-departmental communication and service delivery. The presentation will include case studies, strategies for implementation, and the cultural shifts necessary for adopting a unified service management system, highlighting the benefits of this approach for achieving greater organizational synergy and productivity.

Magnus Sundset, an experienced instructor and Business Consultant with over 20 years of IT experience, is known for his dedication to improving customer delivery and introducing innovative work methods.

He has skillfully coordinated agile methods with ITSM delivery and is highly certified in ITIL, including ITIL Expert v3 and ITIL4 Managing Professional. Magnus also has extensive knowledge in ITSM and has successfully introduced automated tools to optimise workflows.

Over the last decade, he has successfully implemented and managed new processes and work methods.
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Therese Lindepil

Therese Lindepil

Country Manager Sweden, Eficode


Therese has dedicated over two decades to the consulting industry, with the last twelve years specifically concentrated on leveraging Atlassian's suite of tools—a choice she consistently finds to be a clear, straightforward, and rapid contributor to value in any team setting.

She thrives in dynamic organizations characterized by swift decision-making pathways and a culture that prioritizes continuous improvement. This approach ensures she remains at the cutting edge not only within Eficode but, most importantly, in the solutions and services offered to clients.

Jess Fraser-Darling

Jess Fraser-Darling

Agile Coach


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